The future of farming is all about achieving:

- More Sustainable Profit

- Better Quality Production

- A Carbon Positive Environment

Profit Focused Farming
PROFITPOINT reduces costs and increases profits by:

- Identifying skill sets, visions, and priorities

- Measuring & managing the vital indicators

- Using the 6 Laws of best business practice

Profit Focused Farming
CLIMATEPOINT increases soil carbon up to 6% / yr by:

- Establishing base line production

- Utilising carbon positive strategies

- Measuring actual carbon credits

Profit Focused Farming


The Profit Focused Farming system is a totally integrated process that allows every farmer the potential to vastly increase the profitability from their farming business regardless of farm size or type. Our leading edge online software solutions offer farmers a must have set of tools for increasing farming profits.

  • Improved profit and return on assets

  • More cash and more spare time

  • Proactive management of finances

  • Lower animal health, fertiliser & weed costs

  • Reduced environmental footprints

  • Opportunity to market soil carbon

  • Enhanced communication and teamwork